How to make an object visible or invisible dynamically.

1-) Define an attribute named ‘WDUI_Visibility’

       Set its TYPE as ‘WDUI_VISIBILITY’


2-) Open your objects properties which you

       You want to make visible or invisible.


3-) Set  attribute ‘WDUI_Visibility’ object you have created

     at  ‘Visible’ property.




 DATA lo_el_context TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element.

 DATA ls_context TYPE wd_this->Element_context.

 DATA lv_wdui_visibility TYPE wd_this->Element_contextwdui_visibility.

 lo_el_context wd_context->get_element( ).

 lv_wdui_visibility ‘1’. “1-Unvisible 2 Visible


   name =  `WDUI_VISIBILITY`

   value lv_wdui_visibility ).

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