How to create a basic WebDynpro alv

Double-click on WD application.


Enter component name on the following screen.


Double-click on ‘COMPONENT CONTROLLER’ and click on ‘PROPERTIES’ tab

Click ‘Create Controller Usage’ button.

Select two components on the following screen.


Create node at Component Controller Contex.

Double-Click on Interface Controller Usage.


Click on ‘Controller Usage’ button on the following screen.

Drag and drop your node from Component Controller to Interface Controller.


Create a ViewContainerUIElement on layout.


Go to your defined Window and Create an ‘Embed View’ to your view.



Open your view’s WDOINIT method and write the following codes.

  datalo_node type ref to if_wd_context_node.

  datait_aoz type standard table of if_v_main=>element_aoz_table,

        is_aoz like line of it_aoz.

  select from zanil

  into corresponding fields of table it_aoz.

  lo_node wd_context->get_child_nodename ‘AOZ_TABLE’).

  lo_node->bind_tableit_aoz ).


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