How to create a basic WebDynpro alv

Double-click on WD application.   Enter component name on the following screen.   Double-click on ‘COMPONENT CONTROLLER’ and click on ‘PROPERTIES’ tab Click ‘Create Controller Usage’ button. Select two components on the following screen.   Create node at Component Controller Contex. Double-Click on Interface Controller Usage.   Click on ‘Controller Usage’ button on the following… Continue reading How to create a basic WebDynpro alv

Program to get report of transport requests

Selection-Screen   Result: Codes:   report  zanil. tables: tmsbufreq, tstrfcofil, e070. type-pools: ctslg, slis, icon. data: gt_fcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv  , gs_fcat type slis_fieldcat_alv    . data: begin of tt_request occurs 0, trkorr  like e070–trkorr          , as4date like e070–as4date         , as4user like e070–as4user         , end of tt_request. data: begin of tt_text occurs 0   , trkorr  like e07t–trkorr          , as4text like e07t–as4text         , end of tt_text. Click here to download full code