Show Multiple Message with FM C14Z_MESSAGES_SHOW_AS_POPUP

If you want to show more than one message as pop up,  C14Z_MESSAGES_SHOW_AS_POPUP  FM is a good option.       Example Program: REPORT ZMULTIPLE_MESSAGE. TYPE-POOLS: esp1. DATA: lt_messages TYPE esp1_message_tab_type. DATA: ls_messages TYPE esp1_message_wa_type. ls_messages-msgid = ‘E4’. ls_messages-msgno = ‘000’. ls_messages-lineno = 1. ls_messages-msgty = ‘E’. ls_messages-msgv1 = ‘Error!!!!’. APPEND ls_messages TO lt_messages. ls_messages-lineno… Continue reading Show Multiple Message with FM C14Z_MESSAGES_SHOW_AS_POPUP


To change database table values without debugging, SE16N_INTERFACE is an option. Go to Function Builder(SE37), type SE16N_INTERFACE and execute.           Type “Table Name” in parameter I_TAB Set parameters I_EDIT and I_SAP_EDIT  as ‘X’ Press Execute Button             Now you can insert, edit, delete table values…