SAP Mail like Microsoft Outlook

Create a new Function named  ‘ZSEND_EMAIL_MASTER’   Import Parameters:  All import parameters are optional.   I_SENDER: Sender e-mail address I_SUBJECT: Mail Subject I_SLINE1: X Coordinates of the screen I_SLINE2: Y Coordinates of the screen   Export Parameters: E_RETURN: Show the status of the sending process.   Tables: All Tables are optional IT_RECEIVERS: Receiver List IT_CC:… Continue reading SAP Mail like Microsoft Outlook

Program to Get Background Daily Job Report

** Anıl Ozgen – Program to get background *               job details and send an excel report *               by e-mail to *               users tables: tbtco. * Mail Data data:   imessage       type standard table of solisti1                        with header line,         iattach        type standard table of solisti1                        with header line,         ipacking_list  like sopcklsti1 occurs 0 with header line,         ireceivers     like somlreci1  occurs 0 with header line,         iattachment    like solisti1   occurs 0 with header line. data: lt_tbtco      type table of tbtco. data: ls_tbtco      type          tbtco. data: lv_sender     type          ad_smtpadr                    value ‘’. data: lt_recepients type          bcsy_smtpa. data: lv_receiver   type          ad_smtpadr. data: lv_email   type somlreci1–receiver ,       lv_date(12)                        ,       lv_date2(12)                       ,       lv_uzeit(8)                        ,       lv_uzeit2(8)                       ,       lv_statu   type string            . select–options: p_jname for tbtco–jobname. select–options: p_sdate for tbtco–sdlstrtdt default sy–datum. parameters    : p_mail  type ad_smtpadr        default ‘’ obligatory. start–of–selection. check p_mail is not initial. lv_email = p_mail. perform get_data. perform prepeare_excel. perform send_mail. form get_data. select * from tbtco into corresponding fields of table lt_tbtco   where jobname   in p_jname     and sdlstrtdt in p_sdate. check lt_tbtco is not initial and lt_tbtco[]  is not initial. endform. form prepeare_excel. constants: con_tab  type c value cl_abap_char_utilities=>horizontal_tab,            con_cret type c value cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf.  concatenate ‘Job Name’              ‘Start Date’              ‘Start Time’              ‘User’              ‘End Date’              ‘End Time’              ‘Status’              into iattach separated by con_tab.   concatenate con_cret iattach into iattach.   append  iattach.… Continue reading Program to Get Background Daily Job Report