Program to get report of transport requests

Selection-Screen   Result: Codes:   report  zanil. tables: tmsbufreq, tstrfcofil, e070. type-pools: ctslg, slis, icon. data: gt_fcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv  , gs_fcat type slis_fieldcat_alv    . data: begin of tt_request occurs 0, trkorr  like e070–trkorr          , as4date like e070–as4date         , as4user like e070–as4user         , end of tt_request. data: begin of tt_text occurs 0   , trkorr  like e07t–trkorr          , as4text like e07t–as4text         , end of tt_text. Click here to download full code

FM to Create Transport Request

Function module to create transport request with code. Import Parameters: Result:   Codes: FUNCTION ZTB_CREATE_TRANSPORT_REQUEST. *”———————————————————————- *”*”Local Interface: *”  IMPORTING *”     REFERENCE(I_TYPE) TYPE  STRING *”     REFERENCE(I_TEXT) TYPE  STRING OPTIONAL *”     REFERENCE(I_OWNER) TYPE  STRING OPTIONAL *”     REFERENCE(I_TARGET) TYPE  STRING *”     REFERENCE(IT_USERS) TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”———————————————————————- * iv_type = ‘W’ or iv_type = ‘K’ * W – Customized * K – Workbench request * iv_text   = Description of request * iv_owner  = Owner of the request * iv_target = Target system of request * it_users  = Users who want to create task types: trwbo_charflag(1) type c. types: begin of trwbo_request_header. include   structure e070. types: as4text        like e07t–as4text,        as4text_filled type trwbo_charflag,        client         like e070c–client,        tarclient      like e070c–tarclient,        clients_filled type trwbo_charflag,        tardevcl       like e070m–tardevcl,        devclass       like e070m–devclass,        tarlayer       like e070m–tarlayer,        e070m_filled   type trwbo_charflag,        end of   trwbo_request_header. types: trwbo_request_headers type trwbo_request_header  occurs 0. data: “Import Data lv_type   type trfunction, lv_text   type as4text, lv_owner  type as4user, lv_target type tr_target, lt_users  type scts_users, ls_users  type scts_user, “Export Data ls_request_header type trwbo_request_header, lt_task_headers   type trwbo_request_headers,… Continue reading FM to Create Transport Request