FM to Create Transport Request

Function module to create transport request with code. Import Parameters: Result:   Codes: FUNCTION ZTB_CREATE_TRANSPORT_REQUEST. *”———————————————————————- *”*”Local Interface: *”  IMPORTING *”     REFERENCE(I_TYPE) TYPE  STRING *”     REFERENCE(I_TEXT) TYPE  STRING OPTIONAL *”     REFERENCE(I_OWNER) TYPE  STRING OPTIONAL *”     REFERENCE(I_TARGET) TYPE  STRING *”     REFERENCE(IT_USERS) TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”———————————————————————- * iv_type = ‘W’ or iv_type = ‘K’ * W – Customized * K – Workbench request * iv_text   = Description of request * iv_owner  = Owner of the request * iv_target = Target system of request * it_users  = Users who want to create task types: trwbo_charflag(1) type c. types: begin of trwbo_request_header. include   structure e070. types: as4text        like e07t–as4text,        as4text_filled type trwbo_charflag,        client         like e070c–client,        tarclient      like e070c–tarclient,        clients_filled type trwbo_charflag,        tardevcl       like e070m–tardevcl,        devclass       like e070m–devclass,        tarlayer       like e070m–tarlayer,        e070m_filled   type trwbo_charflag,        end of   trwbo_request_header. types: trwbo_request_headers type trwbo_request_header  occurs 0. data: “Import Data lv_type   type trfunction, lv_text   type as4text, lv_owner  type as4user, lv_target type tr_target, lt_users  type scts_users, ls_users  type scts_user, “Export Data ls_request_header type trwbo_request_header, lt_task_headers   type trwbo_request_headers,… Continue reading FM to Create Transport Request

FM to send html mail including html table.

FUNCTION ZTB_SEND_HTML_MAIL. *”———————————————————————- *”*”Local Interface: *”  IMPORTING *”     REFERENCE(I_SUBJECT) TYPE  STRING OPTIONAL *”     REFERENCE(I_SENDER) TYPE  STRING *”  TABLES *”      IT_BODY TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”      IT_TABLE_HEADER TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”      IT_TABLE_ITEM TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”      IT_END TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”      IT_CC TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”      IT_RECEIPENTS TYPE  STRING_TABLE *”      ET_RETURN TYPE  STRING_TABLE OPTIONAL *”———————————————————————- * Mail Data data : send_request     type ref to cl_bcs                ,        document         type ref to cl_document_bcs       ,        text             type bcsy_text                    ,        sender_id        type ref to if_sender_bcs         ,        recipient        type ref to if_recipient_bcs      ,        bcs_exception    type ref to cx_bcs                ,        sent_to_all      type os_boolean                   ,        conlength        type i                            ,        conlengths       type so_obj_len                   ,        result_content   type string                       ,        content_length   type w3param-cont_len             ,        content_type     type w3param-cont_type            ,        return_code      type w3param-ret_code             ,        listobject       type table of abaplist            ,        html_wa          type w3html                       ,        html             type standard table of w3html     ,        wa_rec           type ad_smtpadr                   ,        bcs_message      type string                       ,        tmp_str          type string                       . data : sender           type ad_smtpadr                   ,        subject          type so_obj_des                   ,        recepients       type bcsy_smtpa                   ,        return           type table_of_strings             ,        lt_receipents    type bcsy_smtpa                   ,        lt_cc            type bcsy_smtpa                   ,        e_subrc          type subrc                        ,        lv_subject       type so_obj_des                   ,        lt_html          type soli_tab                     ,        ls_html          type soli. data:  begin of itab occurs 0                             ,        line(15)                                           ,        end of itab                                        ,        ls_itab       like line of itab                    ,        lv_string     type string                          ,        lv_tabix      type sy-tabix                        . * Conversions   sender = i_sender. * Mail Subject.   lv_subject = i_subject.… Continue reading FM to send html mail including html table.